particle board/ mdf

Our Particle boards from Europe offer decorative and resistant surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of interior applications (residential furniture, office furniture, stand and store fitting, wall cladding, hospital furniture).

The ideal material for horizontal or vertical applications in furniture and interior design, e.g. for fronts, shelves, cabinets or wall coverings. According to EN14322 it is composed of raw chipboard that is coated with a decorative film on both sides, for furniture and interior design in humid environments.

Available in a wide range of designs and textures.


Furniture and interior design in humid environments.


  • Moisture-resistant glue for improved swelling properties.
  • Very good stability.
  • Good coating properties (melamine coating, laminate or veneer adhesion).
  • Resource efficiency due to the use of recycled wood.
  • Original surface textures.
  • Easy to process, maintain and clean.
  • Ready to use.
    Surface properties according to EN14332 quality standard.
  • Surface with antibacterial properties according to ISO 22196 (=JIS Z 2801).